Friday – Individual Test

    Today I was first up in the YR Individual test, not the best draw, but hey when your results go up on the screen there is a number 1 next to your name!  She was much happier in the warm up today, the tent stopped flapped and creaking, the snow stopped, so no snow falling from the roof and blowing up in her face!  Also we made sure there wasn’t a stupid guy that was going to pull the curtains shut right across her face!  After all these scary things, the huge indoor was the least of her problems, so she thought it was a lovely time to relax and have a little sleep!

    Anyway today, she was more relaxed in the warm up so I could make her more responsive to my leg.  We pulled off a accurate mistake free test, but being first on did not help our score, finishing on 63.895.  I was running 3rd until the last 5 riders, all beat me!  We were all happy with the test, and I am amazed at how well she handled the indoor and when the crowd clapped she just walks out!

    Tonight all the World Cup riders we invited to the City Hall, where the mayor made a speach and the draw was done for the Grand Prix and YR Freestyles.  There was not many more Young Riders present at this draw, riders from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany (Sanneke) and Canada attended, only 6 riders out of 14! 

    After that the riders were invited to a dinner at our hotel, Hessischer Hof, where 3 more Young Riders decided to show, France, Sweeden and Germany (Fabianne).  The dinner was really nice and most of the Young Riders sat together.  On my table was Meagan Davis (USA), Sanneke Rothenberger (GER), Georgia Worth (NZL), Jamie Holland (CAN), Pauline Lecercq (FRA) and Victoria Riskalla (BRA), though the other two did not sit with us at least they came and spoke in the our thankyou speech.  All the Young Riders I have meet have been really nice people, but I have only meet the half that turn up to the events!

    Its also been nice to see some fellow Aussies at Frankfurt over the last two days.  James Patterson-Robinson is competing, Lyndal Oatley is here watching Patrik and Chris Hector and Ros Neave are also here watching the show!

Tomorrow is the A final and a rest day for me!  The B final will be Sunday morning.

Megan :)

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3 Responses to Friday – Individual Test

  1. noni mccarthy says:

    Way to go Megan ! We are all riding with you. Look out for the kids from the bush. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Georgie Farrar says:

    Megan you have done a fantastic job, I’m so proud of you! Goodluck for the next test

  3. Shannon Peck says:

    Yeah Megan! Emily is hanging on every word you type! Good luck!

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