Sunday – Freestyle

    Saturday was the A final, so it was a nice relaxing day just watching!  Of course the two Germans were amazing scoring 79% and 78.750%, but the bottom few riders had major mistakes and still managed reasonable scores over 63%.  I was so close to making the A final, and to getting a rosette.

    The next morning was the B final and I was 7th to go.  The scores began low at 54% but crept up to 66% before I entered the ring.  I was happy with my test and thought it would be higher than 66% but the judges thought otherwise.  All five judges had a different rider in first place, with the Dutch judge placing me first with 68.5%, but my final score was 64.85% and 4th place.  I felt the judges were a bit harsh with their marks and so did many of the riders.  But I am happy, I rode three tests without mistakes and Donnabella was so well behaved in the massive arena.

    After the freestyle we headed back to Belgium, where we will train for the next week with Arjen Teeuwissen again, before we compete at Mechelen on the 27th December.  The snow was so thick on Sunday and we did well to get back, it took us almost twice as long as it should have though!  Many flights have been delayed over here due to the snow, lucky we are not leaving until new year.

    I’m excited for the show at Mechelen where we will compete in the PSG.  After the show we will head to England where Donnabella will spend 3 weeks in quarantine before flying home! 

Megan :)

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