Schafhof Stables

    Donnabella was lucky enough to spend one night at the beautiful Schafhof stables before we travelled to Belgium to train.  The day she arrived was the same day Matthias Rath was announced as Totilas’s new rider.  The following day we met Matthias and spoke to him about his new horse.  It would have been great if Totilas had arrived while we were there but he will not move to Schafhof until January.

  It has been very cold, I am told it’s colder than usual for this time of year, minus 12 one morning on our walk to Schafhof!  The indoor at Schafhof is amazing, and huge it must be about 40 x 80m!  They also have beautiful horse statues, although Donnabella thought the foal was the scariest thing she has ever seen!

I have put many photos of the beautiful Schafhof, as i’m sure you will be insterested to see Totilas’s new home!

Megan  :)


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4 Responses to Schafhof Stables

  1. Darrin says:

    And where is the facebook like link ?

  2. Susan Elekessy says:

    Hey Megan, go girl enjoy every second. Can you get in touch with me re training in Belgium, have some contacts that may be of use – details through my website

  3. Megan says:

    Hi Megan,
    You are a champ already getting overseas and to this competition! It looks beautiful over there, all the best with Donnabella.

  4. Jan Smith says:

    Great blog Megan. I love the idea that it is actually “warming” up. Enjoy every moment of the trip and the competition.

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