Flying around the World

      Our big journey to the FEI Young Rider World Cup Final began on Thursday when we left home and headed for Melbourne, with all the jumpers and horse rugs as we could fit in.  After an 8 hour drive, with a short stop at Albury, Donnabella was happy to have a rest at Charlotte Pederson’s stables for the night. 

     Thanks to Charlotte I got one last ride in on Friday morning, before we headed over to Tremon Stud where AQIS checked Donnabella and IRT gave us her new headstall.

     Saturday we handed over Donnabella and all her gear to Simon Kale, who generously offered to fly with her to Europe.  That night Mum and I flew out of Melbourne, Donnabella and Simon should have left around the same time but their flight was delayed.  The plane got stuck in New Zealand because all the airport lights were down, so no planes could go in or out at night. 

    Donnabella’s flight ended up being delayed for 24 hours, leaving late Sunday night.  But Mum and I have safely arrived in Frankfurt, and its a lovely sunny day at 0 Degrees and there is just a little bit of snow! 

    Now I just have to patiently wait until Donnabella arrives in 2 days!

Megan  :)

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