Top of the Bates World Cup leaderboard!

Clint Beresford has now officially taken out the World Cup Qualifier Series for 2016/17, and finishes the year on the top of the Bates World Cup Leaderboard. His ride, Emmaville Jitterbug is also the Bates Golden Grand leading horse for the season. Clint tells us about his ride at the Boneo Park Qualifier, the last of the season:

“Probably one of the hardest shows I’ve had to ride at. On Saturday we got the devastating news that my grandpa had passed away, he fought a battle with cancer for the last 12 months and he amazed us all with how strong he was throughout the whole ordeal. Today was the final World Cup for the 2016/17 season and although it didn’t go the way I planned, we are still so happy with how the last 12 months has gone.”

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