Shane has made it… Badminton

Australian eventing rider, Shane Rose, is on the spot, ready for his first crack at Badminton…

“We’re here and things are looking great. Sam (Griffiths) has got Shanghai Joe in great shape, he’s as fit as he has ever been – actually fitter than he has ever been, I think – he feels really strong. I had a couple of lessons with Gareth Hughes, the other day and he is working as good as he has ever gone.”

“I had a little showjump on him on the Monday morning before we came to Badminton and he jumped really really well. I couldn’t be happier with the way he is, in all aspects, he feels fit and sound, good on the flat, and jumping well, so I guess I’ve just got to do a good job now.”

“We got to Badminton on the Tuesday afternoon and had a bit of a look around. Today we’ve got the briefing, and then the trot up – and tomorrow, we’ve got the dressage in the morning. I’m just getting my bearings on where everything is, and we’ll get a look at the course this afternoon.”

Shanghai Joe in the Badminton stables, like everything, the stables are rather grand too.

“I think Nikki is enjoying the fact that our four kids are home and she’s got time to herself…”

Just one large kid to take care of…

“Yeah, and he’s probably a bit harder to look after than the other four!”

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