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Where do Verden auction horses come from?

Many horse buyers are concerned about purchasing a horse without knowing where it comes from or what experiences it has made. This is different when purchasing a horse at a Verden auction. “We have been co-operating with many of our breeders for decades. We know their stables, and their damlines, including hereditary qualities. This enables us to answer our customer’s questions in detail,” says Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. The customer advisors of the Verband will answer questions on origin, upbringing and how the young horses are raised, and the training of the young sales horses. Riders and grooms also get to know their horses perfectly during the auction preparation and will be glad to provide potential customers with all necessary information.

However, not every horse qualifies for one of the Verden auctions. All horses that show up in the Niedersachsenhalle have been chosen through a systematic selection procedure. A selection committee of the Hannoveraner Verband travels through the country before each auction and inspects potential auction candidates, presented by their breeders and trainers at specially selected venues. The breeders carefully consider which of their well-bred horses they want to present at an auction. They frequently employ experts to professionally start them under saddle, train and prepare them for the upcoming selection.

Excitement at selection day

The parking area near the indoor hall is well-filled with horse trailers when the selection committee arrives at the selection venue. The young horses, most of them aged three to five, have been thoroughly prepared. The selection procedure starts with the free jumping. The dressage horses are also shown over the fences – without a rider. The Auction manager and team of the Training and Sales Centre of the Hannoveraner Verband carefully study the presentation group. The breeders await the decision of the commission with anticipation while the horses perform in the arena. It is still something special to exhibit a home-bred horse at the Verden auction. Riders, appointed by the breeders before, present the horses in the walk, in the trot and in the canter after the free jumping presentation. The show jumping horses are then, in addition, presented in a show jumping course before all horses are unsaddled and presented in-hand. The commission announces its decision during the final walk presentation. Then the decision is made which horses will be examined for presale examination purposes by a contractual vet, and which candidates successfully qualified for the next stage, to become a Verden auction horse. Some of the non-chosen horses are still not mature enough with regard to training level and growth. It is possible to present them again later. The final qualification verdict is delivered after the regular vet check. Breeders, trainers and horses, however, start their trip back home to continue preparation and training for the upcoming auction period.

More about Verden Auctions follows

The Verden auctions

The Verden auctions are held nearly every two months in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden. There are riding horses for all demands. Whether dressage, show jumping or eventing, whether professional or ambitious amateur or pleasure rider: Customers from all over the world find their perfect match in Verden. Hans Joachim Köhler introduced the system of the Verden auctions more than 60 years ago with the goal to support breeders selling their horses. The Verden auctions have always kept up with times and have coped with various challenges and changes, but they have always kept the main goal in mind.

You want to purchase a horse? The collection of the Verden Auction on November 11th, 2017, features 111 sport horses, thoroughly chosen, test ridden and vet checked – for you! We will be happy to present an exquisite collection of dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure horses!

It is our pleasure to present the carefully chosen and trained jumping horses of this Verden Auction.
It is possible to inspect and to ride the auction horses and stars of tomorrow during daily training from October 31st to November 10th. You are welcome to arrange test riding dates with our customer service.  We will find your perfect match!

For more information, click on www.verdener-auktion.com

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