Vale Miguel Tavora: 1943 – 2017

Major D. Miguel de Lancastre e Tavora (Abrantes) was born in Portugal, son of the ninth Marquis and Marchioness of Abrantes. He started riding with Nuno Oliveira at eight years of age. He rode with Nuno until he was 18 at which time he attended the Military Academy. In his military career he completed the Course of Instructors and later the Course of Masters as the Portuguese Military  and Civilian Riding Academy of Mafra (CMEFED) and competed in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. He was later appointed as the Chief Instructor and the Director of the Equestrian Division of the Mafra School.

On retiring from the army, Nuno Oliveira arranged for Miguel to migrate to Australia where with his wife Dianne they established their own Equestrian Centre. During his lifetime he trained many riders, in Australia, in the United States, in Portugal. He will be sorely missed by his pupils and friends all over the world. Recently his book has been published in Portugal, with an English language edition shortly to be published in the United States by Xenophon Press.

Miguel was also a regular contributor to THM – here is the archive of his articles, the Master has gone, his wisdom lives on…

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3 thoughts on “Vale Miguel Tavora: 1943 – 2017

  1. I was lucky enough to have lessons with Miguel 20 years ago in the Western District. He taught me how to get a deep seat in the sitting trot and relax, as I was a stiff rider. He did this by getting me to sit and put more weight in my stirrups at the canter and to emulate the feeling in the trot. An amazing man with a heart of gold and it didn’t matter who you were he gave all his riders the same amount of attention and always looked at different ways to assist his students. Maybe gone but never forgotten. Thank you Miguel.

  2. Sad news today, but we are lucky that Miguel has influenced so many riders and trainers here, they will be his legacy. Condolences to Di & family.

  3. Tremendous loss, I wish I’d had the opportunity to work with Mr. Tavora. Condolences to friends and family. A modern master.

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