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Senator HERO

1951 162 cm Chestnut

Breeder – Heinrich v. Allwörden

I guess it is some small consolation to the residents of East Prussia that the flight of the Trakehnen Stud horses at the end of World War II in the face of the advancing Russian Army was crucial in the shaping of the Modern Warmblood… indeed they were largely the ‘modern’ component in the Hanoverian breeding district.

The Trakehner stallion Semper Idem – like another refugee, Abglanz – carried to the Hanoverian breeding district, the blood of the legendary sire, Dampfross, who stood in Trakehnen from 1923 to 1934.

According to Dr Eberhard von Velsen-Zerweck and Erhard Schulte in The Trakehner: “Looking back over the years, the Dingo-Dampfross line can be seen to be one of the most important in the development of the breed.”

Semper Idem produced seven colts from his first crop, six of whom became stallions in the State Studs – five to Celle and one to the Westfalian Stud at Warendorf. Only Senator went on to establish a line.

Senator is out of the states premium mare, Allerweltskleid who combines two of the nineteenth century Thoroughbred lines – Adeptus and Devil’s Own. The A-line through Alderman lost significance after 1950 and today the A-line has changed to the E-line. The D-line goes back to the Devil’s Own son, Detektiv, who stood from 1926 to 1943. The line then split, with the main branch being from the Detektiv son, Dolman, and a smaller branch from Dwinger. The Dwinger line produced the showjumping star, Deister and the dressage star, Donnerhall. The Dolman line was carried on through Duellant, but he has left no current representatives at the State Stud.

Senator presented 40 approved sons most significant of which were Sender and Sesam 1.


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