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Florencio HERO

1999 – 2016 170 cm Bay

Breeder: Susanne Sanal

As a foal, Florencio was bought from Frank Van Dijck of Belgium, by Eugene Reesink. Henk Nijhoff partnered in the young stallion, and Florencio was sent into training as a dressage horse with rider Simon Dropp.

Florencio passed his 30 day test at Zweibrücken in 2002, with a score of 10 for walk! Ridden by Simon Dropp, he was the Reserve Champion of the Four Year old stallions at the 2003 Bundeschampionate. With Hans Peter Minderhoud in the saddle, he won Holland’s prestige young horse class, the Pavo Cup for five year olds, and then went to Verden for the World Championships, where he again won the five year old division, with scores of 9.8 for walk, 9.7 for trot, and 10 for canter.

The next year, he went back to Verden and won the six year old championship where he again scored 10 for canter!


In 2008, he won the VHO Trophy, a Prix St Georges level competition, at s’Hertogenbosch. Since then he has attempted, but failed, to make the next step – Grand Prix.

Hans Peter told me, he thought the problem was trying to combine a breeding and a competition career: “With Florencio and Vivaldi, it is a little bit the same story, the horses were successful as young horses, they have been breeding like crazy every year, frozen semen in the winter, fresh semen in the summer, and with some you just have to make a decision, if the value is higher as a breeding stallion, then keep just him as a stallion because I cannot do both with him.”

Florencio’s breeding career suffered something of a set-back in 2005, when he returned a positive for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA). This is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause mares to abort, and illness and death to foals. As a result, Florencio’s semen is banned in the United States. However, he continued to breed in Europe where there are many EVA positive mares.

In Holland, Florencio has been a popular sire. In 2011, he had three big winners, Charmeur, who won the Pavo cup for 4 year olds, Borencio who won the Pavo cup for 5 year olds, and the National Dressage Champion foal, Gregwaard. Florencio is 13th on the KWPN dressage stallion standings with a reliability of over 90%, with an index of 139 (91%). He has sired 730 offspring over the age of 4, with 211 of them registered competitors, a strike rate of 28.9%. Charmeur is his only licensed son in Holland.

He has been popular in Germany too, where his son, Floriscount, the reserve champion of the Hanoverian licensing, sold for €310,000. He is the sire of ten approved stallions in the Hanoverian studbook. Florencio is credited with 474 competitors in the 2016 Hanoverian Stallion Book with winnings of €296,916.

In the 2017 Hanoverian book, he has 500 competitors with winnings of €353,064. He has produced two competitors who have won over €10,000  – Fackeltanz (€16,775) and Flair (€14,046)

Florencio has a 2014 FN breeding value of 148 for dressage (which puts him in =27th on the FN rankings for stallions with a reliability of 90-99%) and 95 for jumping. In 2015, his FN dressage breeding value was 146 (0.98) and his jumping, 94 (0.94).

On the new 2016 FN breeding values, Florencio has a young horse value of 140 and an open competition value of 150.

In the 2015 stallion book, hiis Hanoverian breeding value is 155 for dressage, which puts him in third place on the 2015 Hanoverian topliste. His son, Floriscount heads the list on 161, and Fürst Nymphenburg is sixth on 145. Florencio scores 133 for type, and 98 for his limbs. The score for trot is 142, for canter, 179, walk, 136, and rideablity, 140.

In the 2016 Hanoverian book, he again has a dressage value of 155, and a jumping score of 85. Florencio scores 133 for type, and 99 for his limbs. The score for trot is 138, for canter, 181, walk, 137, and rideablity, 139.

In the 2017 Hanoverian book, his dressage value is 152, with a jumping value of 84. Florencio scores 133 for type and 103 for his limbs.

He has eleven licensed sons.

His 2006 KWPN offspring report notes:

Florencio showed a collection of sufficiently developed foals with little uniformity. The foals have sufficient riding-horse type and generally more than sufficient rectangular-shaped conformation. The head is attractive. The poll has moderate length. The neck has sufficient length. The foals generally have an under neck. Several foals need more muscling in the top line. The wither is more than sufficiently developed. The shoulder has more than sufficient placement and length. The back varies in length and is dropped in some foals. The loin is well connected but tight in several foals. The croup varies in length and is often short. The line from the point of the hip to the point of the buttock should be longer. The front leg has good length but is sometimes fine-boned. The hind leg is long and sickle-hocked in several foals. The legs are sufficiently developed  and of sufficient quality. The walk has more than sufficient scope but needs more elasticity. In the trot the foals move with sufficient self-carriage. The hind leg bends well and should step further under the body. Front leg use varies from light to good. Several foals need better balance and more elasticity in the canter. Short summary:  A collection of sufficiently developed foals with sufficient riding type. The foals often have an under neck. In motion, the foals should show more elasticity and the hind leg should step more resolutely under the body.

At the 2015 KWPN stallion show, Florencio was awarded the keur predicate. Wim Emes, the chairman of the Stallion Selection Committee observed: “Two hundred Florencio offspring have been registered in the studbook, more than half of which have earned the ster predicate. Among the ster mares, a remarkably high number have also earned the keur and elite predicate.  The stallion passes on a big, correct walk and a convincing trot and canter.”

On the KWPN  2015/16 Breeding Values for stallions with a reliability of over 90%, Florencio is =9th on 149 (93%), with 873 progeny over the age of four, with 298 in competition (= 34.135%). He is ranked 41st on the WBFSH stallion rankings for 2015.


Relaxing at home at the Nijhoff stud – in 2015


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