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Welt Hit II

Welt Hit II

1992 – 2009 169 cm Brown

Breeder: D Conradshaus

Welt Hit II was originally trained by Oliver Luze, but when he moved to Holland shown by Leida Strijk, Ebba von Essen and Coby van Baalen up to Prix St Georges level. In 1997 and 1998 he was proclaimed The Coming Stallion at the Zwolle International Stallion Show and in 1998 he finished sixth at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf. In 2001 he won the bronze medal at small tour level at the Dutch Dressage Championships. He was put down in 2009 after a colic attack.

Welt Hit II is listed in the 2008 Hanoverian Stallion book with 243 progeny in the sport for winnings of 204,687. He has 105 dressage competitors, with 22 at S level, the most successful has been Weltino with winnings of €52,550.

In Holland, Welt Hit II is in 6th place on the 2014 rankings of dressage sires with a reliability of over 90%, with a breeding value of 152 (91%). He is credited with 650 progeny over the age of four, with 269 registered competitors – that his a success rate of 41.38% which is considerably better than that of the perennial head of the table Jazz, whose progeny to competitor ratio is 32.431.

It is much the same on the 2015/16 breeding values, Welt Hit is in 8th, with a value of 151 (93%), and a wonderful progeny to competitor ratio – 653 – 284 – 43.491(!!!) prompting the question, is Welt Hit II, the most successful stallion son of Weltmeyer? Admittedly it is not a crowded field, but on the WBFSH standings for 2015, he is the highest placed son of Weltmeyer at number 32.

The KWPN offspring report for 1997 noted: “The offspring are well developed, well muscled nad of good riding type. The head is expressive. In some cases a little convex between the eyes. Neck and poll have good length. The poll is well muscled and well carried. The wither and shoulder are good. The back and loin have good shape and muscling. The croup has good shape with sufficient length and good muscling. The foreleg is well placed with a well developed knee. The cannon is a little fine at times. The hindleg varies in regard to built and stance: most often it is a little long with a small angle, but other times rather straight. The hock should be better developed and finished. The walk is correct, bit and supple. The use of the hindleg varies during the trot. In some cases it is a little slow in coming underneath and sometimes it should carry better. Some yearlings trot with good use of the hindleg and show good rise in the forehand. The use of the hindleg also varies a little in the canter.”


Rivera de Hus and Jessica Michel 

Welt Hit II ranks 11th on the 2013 WBFSH dressage stallion rankings with 11 representatives and a total of 6412 points, the most successful competitor has been Rivera de Hus with 1685 points. Other Grand Prix representatives include Sagacious, Weltino and Weltissimo.

On the 2015/16 KWPN dressage values, Welt Hit II is in 8th on the ranking of stallions with a reliability of over 90%), with a value 151 (93%) He has by far the highest  progeny to competitor ratio – 653 progeny over the age of 4 – 284 competitors for a ratio of 43.491!!! (Jazz at the head of the table has a ratio of 35.268), prompting the question, is Welt Hit II, the most successful stallion son of Weltmeyer? Admittedly it is not a crowded field. He ranks 32nd on the WBFSH 2015 standings, with his highest points earner, Victor (Purioso), and yes, he is the highest ranked son of Weltmeyer.


 Welt Hit II


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