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L'Arc de Triomphe

L Arc De Triomphe HERO

1999 170 cm Brown

Breeder: Peter Kepp

The young Landor S stallion that was to become known as L’Arc de Triomphe, was licensed in Oldenburg before he topped the Fences Auction in France, where he is now a successful young sire.

L’Arc de Triomphe on his dam’s side carries the blood of Pilot and Gotthard.

Once again, L’Arc shows the importance of a solid mare line, descending from five generations of States Premium mares. His dam, Praeludium is by Pilot, still one of the greatest of all jumping sires. Before L’Arc, she produced the Landadel son, Latin Lover who won an S class before being exported to Ireland; with Sandro, she produced Simona, with Lanciano, Laser 12 and with Quattro, Quattrophonie, classified as an elite foal at Vechta in 2001.

Praeludium is out of Gybsi, who competed with Gert Wilfang. Another of her foals by Pilot, competed in the USA as Prior. Gybsi is by the Gotthard son, Goya who only served two seasons, but appears on the dam line of two superstar stallions, Graf Grannus and For Pleasure.

In the 2007 season in France, L’Arc was the second most popular stallion with 307 mares, three times more than he served the previous year with a predicted 400 customers for 2008. This despite a problematic temperament and miniscule sporting career! Let Bernard le Courtois tell the story in his inimitable fashion:

“This is a horse that I know well, having selected him with my Fences associates at the age of three, when his loose jumping naturally impressed me… Then for having followed him as a 4 year old in Bruno Souloumiac’s stables and then finally two years later during an unsuccessful competing period of a few months with Patrice Delaveau and the help of a ‘whisperer’… This over-gifted horse has a more than borderline temperament and has never taken kindly to competing. This was to be expected, as his breeding by Landor S, as well as Pilot, is reputed to produce quality horses, but of a difficult temperament. Maybe L’Arc has been under too much pressure since a very young age due to his exceptional aptitude. But then his breeder says that L’Arc was strong-willed from the very start. Contrary to the rumours explaining his unmanageable temperament he was not a bottle-fed orphan. His mother is still alive and kicking!”

“Neither force nor whisperers were to reason with him. This horse, probably far more intelligent than his counterparts, has always done what he wished. Whether in hand, ridden or serving. He once again gave proof of this at the stallion show in Poitiers in February 2008, when he refused to enter the ring to be presented to the public. And his sporting career was effectively very short and delicate, he in fact only really jumped as a 5 year old. In that year he was qualified for the final (and thus approved as a factor of SF-B). L’Arc preceded by the trumpets of his record price has been successful at stud, since the age of 4, and without any performances. Not even his reputation as a difficult horse was to change his popularity. He has always served over 100 mares. He was the recipient of a huge marketing manoeuvre and his very young production was largely put to task in the 2 and 3 year old shows, to promote their sire. And they were successful. This investment was to bear fruit as in 2007 when his first foals were 3 year olds, L’Arc served over 300 mares, three times more than the preceding year and is in constant increase.”

“His first generation is without a doubt well awaited by all breeders in 2008. His foals should doubtlessly confirm the aptitude expressed when loose-jumped… The first 4 year old generation will be visible in 2008. In an advertisement leaflet the Bois Margot stud announced that L’Arc and his first sons had served over 500 mares in 2007. Of his first stallion sons, the most attractive is without doubt that of the most ‘explosive’ pedigree, Quartz du Chanu (L’Arc / Papillon Rouge) who is to begin his first season in 2008.”

Qlassic Bois Margot by L'Arc De Triomphe, out of a Galoubet mare and ridden by Simon Delestre for the French team at WEG 2014

 Qlassic Bois Margot by L’Arc De Triomphe, out of a Galoubet mare and ridden by Simon Delestre for the French team at WEG 2014

In December 2013, L’Arc de Triomphe is credited with 23 competitors with international placings on the SJA data base. The stand out star of these has been Qlassic Bois Margot (out of a Galoubet / Double Espoir mare) who has had two spectacular seasons with Simon Delestre. A valued member of the French team, the black stallion has had Grand Prix wins at Mechelen, Barcelona and Bordeaux, and a string of placings in top European Grand Prix.

There are a number of other promising competitors like Quintonine du Pas, Quool du Bois Marto, Rafale des Forets and Rockerfeller de Pleville, competing in lower height classes, and a bunch born in that boom 2007 season that are making their mark in young horse classes.

On the WBFSH jumping stallion rankings for 2013, L’Arc de Triomphe ranked 81st but in 2014 he has moved up to 48th.

Rockerfeller De Pleville Bois Margot and Eduardo Alvarex Aznar for Spain

Rockerfeller De Pleville Bois Margot and Eduardo Alvarex Aznar for Spain 



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