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Faurie, Emile

Emile grew up in South Africa before moving to Britain in 1978 where he spent three years as a... more

Fiebelkorn, Anna-Sophie

Anna-Sophie discovered her interest in horses at an early age and by the time she was six years old,... more

Finken, Holga

Holga grew up in Hemmoor, Northern Germany, his first experiences in the riding world were as 12 year old... more

Flavelle, Emma

Queenslander born and bred Emma Flavelle has spent most her life while in Australia living and working on Sunshine... more

Fore, Lilo

Lilo Fore was originally from Germany, growing up just outside Dusseldorf. Her dressage journey began at age four when... more

Formosa, Joann

Joann has spinal cord and nerve damage, caused by an accident following an attempt to open a gate while... more

Fox-Pitt, William

William started eventing at the age of 15, he was encouraged by his parents, both of whom completed Badminton... more

Francksen, Hans

Mr Francksen who had the distinction of breeding Rohdiamant, was one of the traditional breeders… “I was breeding at... more

Fredericks, Clayton

Clayton Fredericks won Olympic team silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games and was also a member of the... more

Funnell, Pippa

Pippa Funnell has long been one of the stars of British Eventing  In 2003, she became the first person in... more