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Breeders Club / View All

Top seller for more than 60 years. Or: Tradition is always up-to-date

There is excitement in the air, and this excitement is reflected on visitors’ faces all over the stands: their eyes......more

French and Dutch breeding values

Christopher Hector tries to make sense of the 2016/17 breeding values in France and in Holland... Do you know how the BLUP works?...more


Latest Showjumping / View All

NEW and EXCLUSIVE: George Morris – It’s simple, it’s just not easy

George Morris held his annual clinic at Vicki Roycroft's stables with a lineup of class riders - once again, the Master trainer was in fine form......more

Madeline Sinderberry – International Animal Health Rider of the Month

Madeline Sinderberry is the winner of the National Young Rider Selection series, an event held all over Australia, to highlight......more

George Morris – A celebration – the complete file…

We celebrate the life, times and teaching of one of the world's great horseman: George H. Morris...more


Latest Eventing / View All

Saddleworld Horse of the Month – Meet Annapurna

Annapurna has a famous elder brother, but she's also a star with Gemma Tinney, and has quite a personality of her own....more

Mark Phillips – a thinking coach

NEW and EXCLUSIVE - An in-depth interview with eventing coach, Mark Phillips......more

Eventing Exclusive – The Way Forward with Christopher Bartle (2)

In our exclusive and in depth interview with Christopher Bartle, he talks about his decision to coach, and he takes us on a walk over some of the fences at......more


Latest Dressage / View All

Susanne Miesner and the threats to the German Principles…

German dressage rider, trainer and theorist, Susanne Miesner discusses the threats to the classical principles - and the way to maintain them......more

Showing the horse the way to the ground – with Christian Thiess

The tests, or 'truth-stones', include the full halt, medium trot and piaffe, plus one test that has the advantage over all the others in that it can accompany the horse......more

Finding the Correct Way of Dressage Training with Stefan Wolff

German professional Stefan Wolff trained with Klaus Balkenhol - and it shows! This gifted trainer is putting the classical principles into practice....more


Horse Health and Rider fitness / View All

Andrew McLean talks about the principles of horse handling

Andrew McLean's ten principles of training and working effectively with our horses....more

Developing a Super Seat – Balance

Good rider balance is important for you to be in true harmony with your horse. Modern Master Jean Bemelmans explains:......more

Getting out of your comfort zone… Training the brain!

Rebecca Ashton has spent the last few months working on making your body more efficient for riding, now she gets......more


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