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Baloubet du Rouet dies at age 28

Baloubet du Rouet has died. He had many successes, and one memorable slip up at the 2000 Sydney Games, when......more

2nd PS-Online.Auction

In a press release the Paul Schockemöhle team has announced that they are "launching the second round online for top......more

IAH rider of the month – Simone Pearce

Young Dressage Horse star, Simone Pearce is back home in the wilds of Denmark, after her triumphs in Ermelo......more


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World Young Horse Dressage – a Dutch treat

story - Christopher Hector                                ......more

Wonderful horses in Westfalia

Chris Hector and Roslyn Neave enjoy the wonderful horses of Westfalia... Christopher Hector wrote the words Roslyn Neave and Thomas Hartwig took the photos It's been a tough year for the horse breeding......more


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Showjumping Dumbed Down – George Morris responds…

Are today's riders too soft? Katie Monohan has the jumping world buzzing - read McLain Ward's reply, and George Morris' comments......more

Showjumping – New Faces at the Top

The Grand Prix of Monte Carlo produced a surprise winner, Hope van Scherpen Donder - what is her breeding?...more

Armand Leone – a blast from the past

Thirty years ago, Chris Hector interviewed Armand Leone, and yet his words are as bright and true today as they were then......more


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International Animal Health Rider of the Month – Shane Rose

Shane Rose finishes third at Aachen to take the International Animal Health Rider of the Month Award......more

Eventing excitement at Aachen

All the eventing action in the CIC at Aachen...Story - Chris Hector      Photos - Ros Neave The CICO*** at Aachen is a great example of how you......more

Cross Country training with Stuart Tinney

Join Stuart Tinney back in 2004 talking about training eventers, and his secrets to riding Cross Country, successfully. Stuart is still competing at the top, and was a member of......more


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IAH rider of the month – Simone Pearce

Young Dressage Horse star, Simone Pearce is back home in the wilds of Denmark, after her triumphs in Ermelo......more

Isabell Werth – on the Ups, the Downs, and what lies ahead

One of the world's great dressage stars, Isabell Werth, looks back and to the future......more

Dr Uwe Schulten-Baumer – an interview with Christian Thiess

  Dr Uwe Schulten-Baumer Senior is one of the most successful dressage trainers in the world. He has trained very few......more


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Types of Suppling Exercises by Hilary Clayton

Hilary Clayton combines her own love of horses and riding, with a rigorous scientific approach that over the last 30......more

Andrew McLean talks about the principles of horse handling

Andrew McLean's ten principles of training and working effectively with our horses....more

Developing a Super Seat – Balance

Good rider balance is important for you to be in true harmony with your horse. Modern Master Jean Bemelmans explains:......more


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