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Three teams finish on Zero

The great Ludger Beerbaum riding at his last international show for Germany - on Casello Photo Dirk Caremans First round Furusiyya Final The......more

IAHP October Rider of the Month: Christopher Burton

Read the exclusive interview with Christopher Burton, our International Animal Health rider of the month for October!...more

Saddleworld October Rising Star: Madeline Sinderberry

This year’s Australian Young Rider of the Year, Madeline Sinderberry, is still eligible to compete in the Juniors, and Madeline......more


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1996 169 cm Grey Breeder - Klaus Meyn Colman is by Carthago (Capitol / Calando I) who prior to his sports career......more

Breeding at Rio: Updated

Christopher Hector analyses the breeding at Rio...Words by Christopher Hector and photos by Roz Neave and Dirk Caremans The Eventers The conventional wisdom is that you can breed a......more


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Tim Clarke takes a lesson with Vicki Roycroft

  Story by Chris Hector and photos by Roz Neave Last month, Vicki worked with a very green young horse just coming......more

Saddleworld October Rising Star: Madeline Sinderberry

This year’s Australian Young Rider of the Year, Madeline Sinderberry, is still eligible to compete in the Juniors, and Madeline......more

THM Exclusive: George Morris at Rio

Chris Hector managed to catch up with George Morris in Rio...Interview by Chris Hector and photos by Dirk Caremans and Rebecca Ashton You really gave the Brazilian crowd something to cheer......more


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Lucy Bowen takes a lesson with William Fox-Pitt

Fourteen year old Lucy Bowen takes a lesson with one of the world's top eventing riders - William Fox-Pitt......more

Sit in on a Masterclass with Mark Todd

What makes a champion? Some rare indefinable quality, and usually these people are useless as trainers, because their genius comes naturally to them. The Event Rider of the Century, Mark......more

Back to 2000 and Gold…

Not long now until the start of the eventing action in Rio, a good time to remember Sydney 2000 and Gold for Australia, I can hear it ringing out already......more


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The Riding Masters – Dr Wolfgang Holzel

Wolfgang Holzel was a great teacher and theoretician, and a stalwart defender of the Training Scale......more

THM Exclusive: Carl Hester De-Brief

Chris Hector caught up with Carl Hester at Rio...Chris Hector grabbed the chance to have a quiet word with Carl at Rio... Photos by HippoFoto When we did our little......more

Maree Tomkinson takes a lesson with Susanne Miesner

Poor Maree Tomkinson, you would have a thought a lesson with a top German professional rider-trainer-author-educator, would be a breeze. A wonderful opportunity to sit looking pretty on some superbly......more


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What’s the latest in parasite control?

We asked Dr Elizabeth Tee, Registered Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden The treatment has changed a......more

Developing a super seat… continued

with Rebecca Ashton This month we look at how to achieve a soft, independent hand whilst keeping control of our upper......more

Rider Exercise: Spinal and Pelvic Mobility

Pilates instructor, and riding coach, Rebecca Ashton has some exercises that will help any rider......more


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