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Finding your perfect horse at Verden

Want to buy a horse at the Hanoverian Auction? Here is our guide......more

Discovering the Hanoverian

Join us on a study tour with the Hanoverian Verband...with Christopher Hector and Roslyn Neave... Back in 1991 one of those windows of opportunity flew open. The Hanoverian Verband's annual......more

Hanoverian Breeding – Where it’s at…

Dr Ludwig Christmann from the Hanoverian Verband discusses the current state of Hanoverian breeding, and the prospects for the future...more



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French and Dutch breeding values

Christopher Hector tries to make sense of the 2016/17 breeding values in France and in Holland... Do you know how the BLUP works?...more

BundesChamps Seminar to end all Seminars – Six and Five Year Olds

The Seminar to end all Seminars - We last looked at the Basics with younger Dressage Horses. We move on......more

Breeding Values – something old but something is VERY NEW

Christopher Hector tries to make sense of the new breeding values... Image: Kiki Beelitz, from her 2017 calendar Christopher Hector tries to make sense of the new breeding values... About this time each......more



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Herman de Brabander – Vale

Vale Herman de Brabander. The Belgian breeder has died, we pay tribute......more

French Eventing: Part Two – The Anglo-Arab

It is something of a tragedy, that right at the time eventing riders are discovering that a good dollop of French Anglo blood is just the thing to produce an......more

French Eventing – What made France great? Part One: The Breeders

The French Eventing Team won the Gold Medal in Rio in spectacular style. A tough, coordinated team effort that kept pushing right to the line, right to the showjumping where......more



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2001  170 cm Black Breeder - Herbert Schütt The 2016 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year title went to the black stallion, Desperados. He has certainly proven......more


1991 168cm Bay It's hard when you go from profiling jumping stallions to dressage stallions. I had just finished work on......more

Diamond Hit

1997 169 cm Bay Breeder - Gabriele Harder-Brune It might come as something of a surprise to learn that Paul Schockemöhle considers......more


2003 166 cm Bay Breeder - Rolf Eggerking Since 2009, the Grande-Prize has been awarded to Hanoverian stallions from the  age of ten......more


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