Cantus HERO

1981 – 1994 Grey 174 cm

Breeder: Ramus Boyschau

Cantus was from Caletto I’s first crop in Holstein.

His dam, Monoline was by the tough competitor, Roman and out of an advanced showjumper, USA.

Cantus, who died far too early in 1994, was a successful sire of showjumpers right from the start. Come On, his internationally best-known approved son, won many times at Grand Prix and Nations Cup level with Ralf Schneider and the Princess Haya of Jordan.

Cantus produced 25 approved sons, including Cassius Clay (1992 Viernheim champion stallion), Cascavelle, Colbert GTI, Canaletto (both private stallions in Holstein), Cyrano (private stallion Hesse) and Cellestial (private stallion Oldenburg).

At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the Cantus gelding Calvaro won the silver medal with the Swiss team and his rider Willi Melliger.

One of the Cantus’ stars - the gelding Calvaro - silver at Sydney in 2000

 One of the Cantus’ stars – the gelding Calvaro – silver at Sydney in 2000

In 2004 Cantus’ progeny had winnings of €1.35 million.

According to Thomas Mohr, manager of the Maas J Hell stallion station, where Cantus stood:

“Cantus was for 15 years one of the most successful showjumping sires – with horses like Calvaro with Willi Melliger. The horses by Cantus were very powerful and easy to ride, sometimes not the prettiest horses, but very willing to perform.”

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