Top seller for more than 60 years. Or: Tradition is always up-to-date

There is excitement in the air, and this excitement is reflected on visitors’ faces all over the stands: their eyes follow the auctioneer, the bidders and the horse that is trotting relaxed rounds in the auction ring of the Niedersachsenhalle, not knowing that it is the main actor of a thrilling show. And then: the gavel falls! The horse is sold, the new owners are happy, the audience applauds. Scenes like this one happen almost every month in Verden. Each auction has its own and special dynamic, each auction is different, but the basics are always the same.

Visionary Hans Joachim Köhler launched the Verden auctions more than 60 years ago in 1949 in order to support Hanoverian breeders in selling their horses. And this is still aim and purpose today. And of course a question of offering the perfect horse for riders and breeders.

The formerly developed system is still valid today. There have of course been amendments and improvements, but the basics did not change: The Verden auction site has since then been well-known for its diligent and careful selection of the auction candidates and high requirements when it comes to quality, rideability, character, health and an appropriate training period in Verden before the horses are put up for auction – and this is what has caused its worldwide reputation.

A more than 60 year old tradition for ambitious riders and breeders.

Verden Auctions – contemporary and up-to-date:

The Verden auction year reads as follows: The Verden auction in January is the first sales event of the year, followed by the auctions in March, May and July. Early born foals complement the offer in March, May and July. There is an additional auction for broodmares and foals in August. Highlights in autumn are the Elite auction of riding horses and foals and the Stallion Market in October, followed by the Verden November Auction.

He shaped the Verden auctions for more than 37 years:
Auctioneer Friedrich-Wilhelm Isernhagen sold 25,000 horses.

To sell the horse for the exhibitor at the best price possible – and to perfectly fulfill the wishes of customers from Germany and abroad: These are the tasks of the whole team around Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. Versatility is the most important property of the Verden auction venue. The old auction system was modified in 2015 to offer a huge range of customers the perfect horse for all different demands. The collections of all six riding horse auctions are complemented by Elite horses, a fact that boosts the interest in the auction collection. All horses of the collection are in the focus of public interest for a couple of weeks.

Customers from all over the world rely on the decade-long successful auction system.

Back then as well as today: A place to meed the partner of your dreams

Customers who travel to Verden before the auction benefit from the fact that there will be a huge number of preselected horses, checked by the vet, available for test riding purposes at one place. The customer advisors of the Verband, but also riders and grooms are important contact persons, and always focused on informing potential customers as detailed as possible information about behaviour, rideability, and most important strengths and weaknesses of the individual horses.

Completely concentrated: The Belgian auctioneer Frederik de Backer and his colleague Bernd Hickert take turns after having sold 25 horses.

                                                    Bernd Hickert

Their rideability, work ethic, ambition and character are the reason for the outstanding successes of many Hanoverian sports horses at national and international competitions, at Olympics, World and European Championships. But they are so much more: they are everyday life companions in home stables, boarding enterprises or small former farms, pleasure partners or the second member of a team.

As they are reliable, intelligent and honest, they are at the same time, a beloved family member or comforter. Properties that are as important as extraordinary quality exhibited in breeding and sports.

But the auction service includes even more: Horses that are going to be sold at an auction can be trained by the auction team before the auction. And customers who have purchased their desired horse during the auction can leave it with the auction premises for further training purposes – including competitions, shows and performance tests. “It is our aim to bring the perfect partners together. There are horses of all levels, disciplines and areas to match the demands of ambitious pleasure time riders up to internationally successful top athletes,” summarizes Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener.

Video: Verden Auction

Verden Auction on March 25

Are you planning to purchase a horse? The collection of the Verden Auction on March 25, features stars of tomorrow and friends for a lifetime. We will be happy to present an exquisite collection of dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure horses! The collection includes nearly 90 riding horses, carefully chosen, test ridden and vet checked – for you! The collection will be complemented by brilliant foals with international performance pedigrees. Welcome to the Verden auction! Take your seat in the Niedersachsenhalle, attend the auction training from March 13– 25 and arrange a test riding date with our customer advisors. We will find your perfect match! Please find here further information.

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