Rotspon – Hanoverian Stallion of the Year

Rotspon HERO

1995 168 cm Black

Breeder: Hans-Heinrich Müller

Rotspon has been the most successful Rubinstein in the Hanoverian breeding district – and perhaps part of this success comes from a powerful mare line. The dam sire, Argentan, was famed as a ‘mare maker’, with the added bonus of Pik Bube I and Wendekreis.

A full-sister to the grand dam, Jessika, bred to Matcho AA produced the Celle stallion, Morning Star.

Rotspon was reserve champion of his licensing and the following year, easily won his performance test with a score of 145.67. He was a particular star for the test riders, giving them all such a pleasant ride.

Rotspon has consistently produced top selling auction horses at the Verden auction. As of 2014, he is the sire of 157 state premium mares so far, including Romanze, the champion mare of the 2002 Ratje-Niebuhr Show in Verden.


Rotspon has been responsible for twenty licensed stallions, including Re Primeur and Royal Blend both of whom were awarded the Burchard Müller Prize as the best stallions of their respective age classes.

His son Rascalino was champion stallion of his Performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 2004. Royal Blend was the premium stallion of the 2003 Hanoverian Licensing and was second at the Celle stallion performance test in October 2004. At the Verden Indoor Riding Tournament of 2005, he was awarded the Burchard Müller prize as best stallion of the 2001 age class.


Royal Blend

However, it should be noted that the then Director of the Hanoverian Verband, Dr Wilkens, in his review of the 2000 stallion licensing, warned that for Rotspon to be successful he needed carefully selected mares:

“After viewing the first extensive group of stallion prospects by Rotspon, we advise the breeders who wish to breed to this sire to make sure that the dam has a well shaped top-line and very correctly positioned hind legs. His offspring show overall a very nice trot movement, an attractive canter, and a satisfactory or even better walk.” Like all the descendents of Rubinstein, who was a wind-sucker himself, there is a slight worry that the line is prone to the vice.

Rotspon stripped…

and under saddle…

In the 2015, Hanoverian Stallion Book, Rotspon is credited with 888 competition progeny with winnings of €680,105 – 767 dressage placegetters with 80 progeny competing at S level.

Rotspon’s FN dressage breeding index is 135 with a jumping index of 74. His Hanoverian dressage index is 126 with a jumping index of 79. In keeping with Dr Wilkens’ warning, he has a negative 78 score for hind legs.

In the 2016 Hanoverian book, the progeny stands at 913, with winnings of €759,161. Although he has produced nine horses that have won more than €10,000 in the dressage ring, none are stars. His FN breeding value for dressage is 132, for jumping, 72. His Hanoverian values are 126 for dressage and 80 for jumping.

He is the sire of 17 licensed sons including Rascalino and Royal Blend.

In the 2017 Hanoverian book, he has 940 competitors with winnings of €813,079. Twelve dressage horses have won €10,000, the most successful being Rotwelsch DE with €23,451.

On the new 2017 FN dual breeding values, he scores 127 as a young horse sire, 129 for his open competitors. He has a Hanoverian value of 125 for dressage, and 79 for jumping. He scores a lowly 94 for type and a worse, 88, for conformation.

In 2018, he was awarded Hanoverian Stallion of the Year. He has 29 Licensed sons in Germany and he has sired 122 State Premium mares.


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