Who's Who

Tavora, Miguel

Discipline : Dressage

Born : 1943

Lives : NSW, Australia


Major D. Miguel de Lancastre e Tavora (Abrantes) was born in Portugal, son of the ninth Marquis and Marchioness of Abrantes. He started riding with Nuno Oliveira at eight years of age. He rode with Nuno until he was 18 at which time he attended the Military Academy. In his military career he completed the Course of Instructors and later the Course of Masters as the Portuguese Military  and Civilian Riding Academy of Mafra (CMEFED) and competed in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. He was later appointed as the Chief Instructor and the Director of the Equestrian Division of the Mafra School.

On retiring from the army, Nuno Oliveira arranged for Miguel to migrate to Australia where with his wife Dianne they run their own Equestrian Centre (M & D Tavora School of Equitation). He has trained numerous horses and riders to FEI level, many competing at Grand Prix Level. Dianne has trained and competed to Grand Prix level.

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